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Kami Street

Suction Cup Teaser

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  • 2 INTERACTIVE MODES - 1. Cat playing mode: insert the cat stick pole into the base and paste the base on the floor or wall. The swinging feathers will attract the cat’s attention and keep the cat in a busy and excited state. 2. Hand-held funny cat stick interactive mode: Take the funny cat stick out of the base, tease the cat with feathers, and enter the state of interacting and playing with the cat
  • POWERFUL SUCTION CUP - cat feather toy with a powerful suction cup. The suction cup base is 2.7 inches in diameter and can bear a weight of 13 pounds. It has a strong adsorption force and can be adsorbed on tiles, wood, glass, stainless steel, and marble. When you snap the base upwards When you can easily take off the base
  • CURLED CAT CAT STICK - Cat Cat Cat is made of thin steel wire, strong and durable, bendable. Note: The cat cat stick in the package is curled up. Please hold the cat stick when you open the package and use the cat cat stick The two ends of the cat stick spread out the cat stick so as not to hurt people
  • MULTIPLE FEATHER REPLACEMENT HEADS - This cat feather toy is equipped with 5 different color replacement heads. Each feather replacement head has a bell. The feather colors include blue, purple, yellow, pink, and green. Funny cat stick The rod length is 36.2 inches, and the handle length is 6.6 inches, which makes it easy to interact with cats
  • THE PACKAGE INCLUDES - 1 powerful suction cup base, 1 pole. Soft and light feather toys help increase their exercise volume and maintain their health, relieve their anxiety and anxiety, and no longer feel alone when they are alone.Tips: The suction cup of the base will stick more firmly if it is slightly stained with water

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